1. Nate High-Res

A shot at success

Growing up, Nate Scott struggled to picture his future. He had a passion for photography, but like many young people, he was at risk of falling between the cracks. “I was scared for my future,” admits Nate. But with help from donors like you, Nate connected with an innovative social enterprise that helps talented youth who face barriers land work in the creative industries—just one way United Way works to put young people on the path to a promising future. Today, Nate is working for big-brand clients and hopes his experience can empower others. “I want to be a role model who shows other young black photographers success is achievable,” he says.


The Mahihkank Indigenous Youth Project

The Mahihkank Indigenous Youth Project provides leadership opportunities for youth between 19 and 24.

Helping youth reach their full potential results in healthy, prepared adults.Youth suffer disproportionately from unemployment. In 2014, more than 73 million youth (ages 15–24) around the world were unemployed. Today, the youth unemployment rate is nearly three times higher than that of adults.

What’s needed is a true “cradle-to-career” continuum: a talent pipeline that prepares the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow, supplies businesses with skilled workers and builds a robust, competitive economy. This program is one of the ways we support work towards that goal.

Facts about Youth

Young people are one of our community’s greatest assets. But, many are struggling: they are feeling disconnected from their communities, they are not finishing school, and they are having difficulty finding work. For many more, a meaningful career is simply out of reach, because they are without the right credentials, networks and skills to compete in today’s rapidly changing labour market.

the national unemployment rate for those aged 15–24 in May 2016.

$23.1 Billion
the estimated cost (in lost wages) to Canadian youth over the next 18 years, due to high unemployment from the recession, according to a January 2013 report.